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Monday, November 21, 2016

Mission Accomplished: NANO Eat Your Heart Out!

Skipping Childhood:  A Novel is complete and awaiting the December 1st Release Date

Sometimes in life, you have to be proud enough to pat yourself on the back, even if no one else around you is doing it.  Tonight was one of those times for me.  If you feel like getting up to speed, just read the last few posts I made about the whole NANO (National Novel Writing Month) thing.  By way of followup, I'm happy to announce that I uploaded my completed manuscript to Amazon before my 12:00 midnight deadline.  

According to Amazon rules for pre-release books, you can give your self as much time as you want to promote your book; in other words, setting a release date somewhere off in the distant future.  You don't even have to have a book cover, just the title and meta data for the book.  After all, the whole point is early advertising.  The thing is, no later than 10 days prior to the date you give them, you must upload your complete manuscript.

Well, I uploaded my "was going to be" NANO book that I started prematurely on October 15, 2016.  I dropped out of NANO (I think on November 5), but still try to stick to my goal of 50,000 words in 30 days.  While I wasn't quite at 50,000 on the 15th of November (which would have been 30 days after I started), I still knew I'd finish before the end of the month.  Remember, I still had to meet the Amazon deadline.  Well as I said, congrats to me because I met it tonight.  My novel Skipping Childhood topped off at not quite 75,000 words (a few hundred shy).  Not bad, huh?

Now for those of you who may be thinking:  "A 75,000 word novel in 35 days!  It must be pure dribble.  WRONG.  I'm not only proud of meeting the deadline, but I'm also proud of what I accomplished in the writing.  I challenge anyone to read it and tell me they don't agree.  I'm actually looking for Beta Readers, as you can read in the following re-post of my Self-published Wordpress blog.

This post is notify readers that Charm Baker, author of the upcoming release:  Skipping Childhood is seeking Beta Readers before the December 1st 2016 publication date.  This contemporary African American novel is a dark thriller.  It is the shocking tale of an abused child who resorts to killing.
Readers who enjoy a good serial killer novel or revenge killing story will find both in Skipping Childhood.  The book sheds a different light on murder and dares to address the topic of children who kill.  It is a disturbing yet empowering story of abuse and survival.

Request for  Beta Readers
The book is completely finished and has been uploaded to distributors, pending the release date.  I am currently doing some final (ha ha) editing for grammatical and structural revisions and would love to receive some solid Reviews (or at least beta feedback) before the final upload.
If you would like to receive an early edition of manuscript and serve as a Beta Reader, please contact Charm Baker for a quick response mailto:skippingchildhoodnovel@gmail.com
NANO Authors Encouraged
If any NANO authors are seeking a Book Purchase to help their December 1st launch, I’m willing to swap.   This is not a request to pay for a review.  This is a solicitation for authors to buy my book and in exchange I’ll buy yours (totally allowed).  Reviews are optional on both ends.  If interested – I welcome an email  mailto:skippingchildhoodnovel@gmail.com and please include in the subject line:  NANO Book Buy


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