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Saturday, March 19, 2016

eBook Marketing Strategies: Video Series Finally Publishes Day 1

eBook marketing strategies can be tedious to keep performing, but the key is to do them consistently


Now that the eBook Marketing Strategies Introduction video has been published, I decided to go ahead and post both the Day 1 and Day 2 videos also.  Although I got behind on posting the information within the first week of the video series, I was still conducting various marketing activities.

As you'll see from the next two videos, I've been dealing with the challenge of setting up the series in a way that it won't interfere with the actual focus of the video, which is marketing.  After you read or listen all the way up to Day 2, you'll comprehend exactly what the time frame is all about and where I am on it.

This particular video discusses setting up the series and outlining a few marketing resources I plan to try, in addition to a brief summary of other activities performed.  Enjoy this next installment of my eBook Marketing Strategies video series.

eBook Marketing Strategies:  A 60 Day Progress and 

Troubleshooting Journal (Video Series - DAY 1)

Hey everybody,

This is Charm Baker again.  I’m ready to start talking about the various e-book marketing strategies and activities that I’m involved in.  As you know by now, I recently published one of the best writing resources that new writers can find online.  The title is:  Shut Up and Write!  (Step-by-Step Guide How to Get Paid to Write Within a Week). 

I’m not going to go into a long drawn out thing in this particular video about who I am or why I started this marketing series.  If you want to get all those details, just stop this video and check out my “Introductory” video for eBook Marketing Strategies. 

For those of you who have already viewed the introduction.  Stay put so you can see just what I’ve been doing to market my e-book so far.

First of all, I decided to take a different approach to e-book marketing this time around.  As they say, this is not my first rodeo when it comes to self-publishing.  I published several non-fiction books in the past, plus a full length novel in 2014.  But even though I picked up some valuable strategies along the way, I’m still missing some important elements that have to do with your e-book success. 

So this time, before my newest title is even released, I’ve already started marketing and promoting it.  The actual book release date for “Shut Up and Write!” is not until April 9, 2016.  I did this because of the information I read on Smashwords’ about setting up “pre-orders” at least a month in advance. 

Smashwords.com is where I set up and publish all my e-books.  I go there because I really like their user-friendly platform, plus I’m used to navigating the website by now.

So I read all the details about pre-orders, even before I completed writing my book.  The good thing about the way they do pre-orders at Smashwords is the fact that you don’t have to upload the manuscript when you first submit the title.  You don’t even have to have the book’s cover yet.  All you need to provide is the title and description of the book, and a tentative word length and release date.  That way they can still list the title and necessary metadata in their marketplace.

You also have to agree in advance to submit the book file no later than 10 days prior to the book’s release.  If you end up having to push the initial date back for some reason, you can always go in and change the release date before the 10 day deadline.

So the first week in March, I submitted the book title and cover to Smashwords, then I was provided with a book link to the pre-order page.  Since then, I’ve been doing some promoting and early marketing, trying to announce the books April release date.

The first thing I did was write a blog post announcing the book on my Just Charm blog.  Then I wrote and published a Press Release on Prlog.com doing the same thing, only in a more business and news-like manner.  I’ve been taking advantage of using press releases as a free marketing tool for a long time.  This is also one of the effective article marketing resources that I talk about using in Shut Up and Write.  In the e-book, I list a bunch of other free press release distribution sites that I think I’ll start using this week.

Anyway, after I took a little time to create a detailed introduction video to the book, I provided the video link in several social media posts.  I posted to Google+, Twitter and Tumblr.  I even posted the links on the RedGage bookmarking website.  This is another good place to help start driving traffic, simply for the bookmarking opportunities. 

For those of you who may be wondering, NO – I did not directly post anything to my Facebook page, but I rarely, if ever, use this resource.  I know I’m probably missing out on a lot of benefits because of this, but I honestly find Facebook to be too busy and distracting from whatever I’m trying to do.  I can barely navigate the site comfortably so for now, I just shy away from it. 

Just recently, I learned how to set things up so my Facebook page can automatically get regular updates when I make a blog post, a tweet, or a Tumblr post.  Before to today, I never really cared about doing bothering to do it, but now, I definitely recognize the benefits.  That is one of the first things on my agenda for tomorrow so I’ll tell you about it then. 

Today, after I spent time putting together the introduction to this video marketing series, I went over to Fiverr.com and combed through their marketplace.  I decided on several social media marketing gigs to order.  

NOTE:  I actually had some kind of glitch with the shopping cart, so I got frustrated and put that task on hold for the time being.

The other marketing related activities that I performed today are directly connected to this video series.  Since this is the beginning of this 60 day marketing series, I wanted to create a uniform structure of how my video diary will be set up.

Each video will pick up where the last one left off, and jump right into discussing the latest marketing activities.  That means that very little (if any) re-capping will be done of the previous videos.  Most of the videos will contain at least a few note cards with bulleted details.

This is so that anyone watching can start compiling all the necessary marketing information they need, in order to improve and increase their sales.  So if you have a great book to suggest on the subject, even if it happens to be your own, feel free to let me know about it in the comments, or even in an email.  

Once again, I invite you to continue following this video series so you can discover how to increase your new e-book sales, or figure out what you’ve been doing wrong.  As always, if you miss anything or you would rather be able to READ the information contained in the video, simply pop over to my blog and read the latest post for the day. 

One other thing I want to mention before I go is a reminder about “Shut Up and Write!”  Even though this book was created for new online writers, don’t think that you can’t benefit from it because you’re a published author.  If you still rely on article writing or other writing related income, you’ll be surprised at some of the profitable resources you find in the book.

So take a few minutes to pop over to my Charm Baker Smashwords Profile page and peek at the contents of this book.  I know for a fact that you’ll find the $4.99 price tag worth every penny.



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