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Saturday, March 19, 2016

eBook Marketing Strategies: Topic of New YouTube Video Series

 eBook marketing is the focus of the Just Charm blog for the next 60 days


Now that my new ebook, "Shut Up and Write" is finished and due to be released this April 9th, I've been spending every waking minute devoted to marketing.this new writer's resource.  The main promotional tool that I plan to use over the next two months is YouTube.  In previous blog posts, I spoke about how YouTube is becoming one of the most effective ways to get your message out to the internet population, no matter what that message happens to be.  

Since first writing about this powerful marketing resource tool, I decided to take my own advice and spend some serious time getting familiar with YouTube.  As a result, I've created a video series that I call :  "eBook Marketing Strategies:  A 60 Day Progress and Troubleshooting Journal".  

The following is a transcript from the Introduction to the video series.  In fact, for the next 60 days, I'll be providing a transcript for each day, just in case anyone misses any part of the information.  If anyone would rather listen to the video, here is the link:  https://youtu.be/utSyQSsTsG0

 eBook Marketing Strategies:  A 60 Day Progress and Troubleshooting Journal

However, if you already viewed the video and would like to read over the material, please feel free.  As always, I welcome any comments about this blog post, the contents of the video series, or more details about "Shut Up and Write!"

eBook Marketing Strategies:  A 60 Day Progress and Troubleshooting Journal



I’m Charm Baker – and I’ve been freelance writing online nearly 20 years.  As you can see from the few titles displayed on the screen, I’m a self-published author with a few little simple ebooks, in addition to my one full length novel.  When the novel that I released in 2014 didn’t sell like I expected, I got discouraged and sort of drifted back to blog and article writing.  Now, I realize that the problem with my novel and even my little ebooks all have to do with marketing, or the lack of it.  

This year, I decided to change some things, and get my head in the self-publishing game.  So I compiled all the meat and potatoes from my most popular writing related ebooks, and came up with Shut Up and Write.  It’s a 30,000 writing resource guide for beginning online writers.

Before I started publishing ebooks, I had spent most of my online years ghost writing.  I remember the early days of constantly looking for legitimate places to write and actually get paid online. I found out the hard way, like most new writers, that EARNING money online doesn’t always mean getting paid online.  Sometimes you work your butt off with your writing, and never even see an expected payday.

The idea of using your writing to make certain kinds of income is attractive and alluring to lots of people.  Who wouldn’t want to make affiliate income or revenue sharing income right from the comfort of their own?  But for most new writers who are just starting out online, if this happens at all, it will probably happen later than sooner.

So in the meantime, what you need is some actual names of specific places to earn quick writing cash.  And you should be able to do this while you’re learning to generate other kinds of writing income.  That is what my step-by-step ebook guide called SHUT UP AND WRITE will help new writers do.  

You can click the link and go sample what the book has to offer.
You can click to view the YouTube video for a detailed Introduction to the book.
You can also visit http://charmbaker.com and “join the list” by providing your email address for a 50% discount off the $4.99 ebook price.

If you plan to follow this 60 day marketing video, I suggest you grab a copy of Shut Up and Write, if for no other reason but to get acquainted with the focus of what this marketing series is all about. 

The reason I want you to have the book as a point of reference, is because the book is the whole reason I’m conducting the video series.  Technically, it’s not really a “how to” series, but more of a way to monitor and analyze the different marketing strategies that I’ll be using.  So you can follow along, try the same strategies, or even leave comments about your own activities and progress. 

I’m hoping that what I learn will help me apply the necessary changes to all my previous or upcoming books. 

This Introduction is the first in what I plan to be 60 consecutive days of videos.  If you decide to follow me on this journey for the next 60 days, feel free to view the videos and also my related blog posts at charmbaker.blogspot.com.  I’ll be posting a summary of each day, in case you missed any parts of the videos. 


One final thing.  If you happen to see me on any of the social media locations, please feel free to say hi, and if possible, use the #shutupandwrite when posting on Twitter.  Until tomorrow.   

Thanks for listening.

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