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Sunday, March 20, 2016

eBook Marketing Strategies - Getting the Video Series on Track

Daily marketing activities are easier to keep up with than to catch up to doing!


This is the third video transcript of my new video series, and although it is labeled as Day 2, it actually covers several days.  As the following information will bring out, I am finally getting this series on track.  It was a little shaky getting started.  But now that I'm caught up on posting the first few videos, along with the blog post transcripts, it should be a lot easier to keep up with things.  The last thing I want to do with this 60 day marketing experiment is to miss the whole point.  My focus needs to be on the actual marketing activities that I perform each day, NOT on spending time creating the videos.

For anyone who is just tuning in to this blog or the YouTube video series, please be sure to visit the following links and you can get up to speed.





eBook Marketing Strategies (Video Series - DAY 2)

Since this is Day 2 of the 60 day video series, I assume everyone viewing has already listened to the Introduction video and also Day 1.  If not, I suggest you view both those videos if you plan to follow the series for the duration.  You should also check out the video Intro. to the ebook I’m trying to market so you’ll have a point of reference when I refer to something in it during this video series.  The ebook was created for new writers who need quick writing related income, but there  are some points that even new authors can benefit from.  Anyway, I’m not going to spend any more time on that, because those three videos say it all.

So let me jump right in to what I’ve been doing since the last video.

I want to explain something real quick about how the days are numbered.  I call this a 60 day series, because the series will consist of 60 different videos, summarizing my activities and results.  But so far, if you do the math, you’ll see that things are a bit off.  The book’s release date is April 9th of this year.  I had planned to monitor the first 30 days before the release date, and the first 30 days after the release.  So my first day of this video series should have been on March 10th because March has 31 days in the month, and the last video should be on May 8th instead of the 9th.

Based on those figures, I should already be on Day 9 of the video series!  What happened was, I’ve been too busy getting caught up in how to format this series and make the content look interesting to view, as well as listen to.  The only problem is, it’s very time consuming trying to create nice visuals to read or look at, plus line them up with the audio.  I’d much rather be able to concentrate and focus on the main objective – discussing my ebook marketing activities.    

I decided that from this video onward, I plan to save all the commercials and anything else that I need to show you until the end.  Then, I’ll roll the credits and provide a quick text summary and all other information.   

So let me bring you up to speed on what I’ve actually been doing up until today, then I’ll still make the next video Day 3.  That will push the 60 day mark to May 17th and no matter what, I plan to stay on track.  

*** The video concluded after a list of the following activities was briefly touched on ***

  • Created a Smashwords 50% discount coupon for the "Shut Up and Write!" ebook and also coupons for free ebooks as a promotional lure. 
  • Created a simple email signup form at Wufoo.com in order to capture emails of potential customers for future book sales.
  • Created visual help aids and cheat sheets (such as keyword lists, names of resource websites, hashtag ideas for Twitter, etc...) and printed them out for posting around my work space.

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