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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Article Writers and eBook Authors Both Share Marketing Concerns

Marketing strategies are important to all online writers and authors

Today's marketing activities were limited, yet I had a very productive day, as the following transcript will show.  Be sure to take a moment to read the related hub page article mentioned in the video script.


eBook Marketing Strategies Video Series – DAY 3

Hey YouTube viewers,

It’s Charm Baker, and I’m back to give you an update on DAY 3 of the eBook Marketing Strategies video series.  I plan to try and keep this particular session kind of brief and not too wordy.  It’s Sunday, March 20th, and spent a leisure day just working on a promotional Hubpages article. 

Hubpages is one of the writing resources that I spend a great deal talking about in my book:  Shut Up and Write!  It happens to be a website that I always find myself returning to, whenever I need to create a promotional article.  I wish now that I hadn’t stripped a lot of my former hubs from the site and used them elsewhere.  Hubpages is a perfect location for evergreen content that is still valuable for years after it’s written.

Anyway, I decided to post an article hub called: 

I haven’t really been active on the site in a while, and I know they’ve made some changes that affected existing hubs.  Since I didn’t bother to go modify any of my articles, in harmony with the changes, many of my hubs were removed.  although my account is open and stills shows most of my followers.

I did a pretty good job of crafting a useful article about article marketing as well as ebook marketing and of course, I tied it all in by mentioning my own ebook and this video series that I’m conducting.

Even though I didn’t really seem to get a lot done, other than writing and publishing this hub article, that’s how marketing is sometimes.  This one activity could actually lead to quite a bit of exposure for my ebook and for the video series.  Hopefully, I can snare some of those 159 Followers who used to enjoy reading my hub articles.  Many of them may be ready to publish and market their own ebook.  There’s also the chance of gaining a lot of new hub article writers who may want to purchase the book.


The remainder of the video simply displayed the usual url addresses on how to access the ebook, the video series, and the latest Hubpages article.  Until tomorrow - thanks for viewing.

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