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Sunday, March 27, 2016

eBook Marketing and Anchor Text: Why Anchor Your Keywords and Phrases

eBook Marketing with anchor text should be done correctly and consistently.

Search engine optimization techniques (SEO) are still the most effective internet marketing methods available.  Using SEO can help searchers locate whatever you’re selling, promoting or offering online.  Good optimization involves the use of anchor text; something that can be invaluable to your writing.  Anchor text can actually cause you to gain organic traffic.  Chances are, you’ve probably heard or seen “anchor text” or the term “organic traffic” before.  But do you know what these two expressions mean and how they can benefit whatever you do online?  To help you find out, let’s take a look and see just how anchor text and organic traffic can benefit a writer and author like me.

Using Anchor Text
Anchor text has reference to specific words or phrases contained within writing, and these words or phrases also have links.  In a similar way that an anchor is dropped but still connected to a boat, your anchor text link can be followed to where ever you want, while remaining connected to the page of origin.  Because of the valuable role that anchor text plays in your writing, you should be sure to choose the text that you anchor your links to wisely.  To help you understand what I mean, notice the following example I provide about my latest ebook:  “Shut Up and Write!”  As you can probably tell from the title, it is a motivating book about writing and it also contains helpful tips and advice.  I want to market this book to new online writers, so I need to make sure that the book sounds appealing.

I can tell readers to click and view one of the best writing resources online. Which anchor text in this paragraph is better?  Do you think click here is better to use as anchor text than the words best writing resources?

Influence Search Results
New writers and authors who use blogging and articles to promote their work can start influencing the search results.  If you learn to select relevant keywords and anchor them correctly, your books, writing and other online activities can be located better.  Don’t underestimate the value of using anchor text.  You should be able to understand why the words:  “best writing resources” is much better for anchor text than merely saying “click here.” 

Just think about it.  There is a definite benefit for my ebook if 100 blog readers decide to click the words best writing resources and each time they land on the purchase page for Shut Up and Write.  The more people that use this particular anchor text, the more the search engines begin to recognize Shut Up and Write as one of the best writing resources for new writers.  Clearly, I can’t expect the same results when the book is merely anchored to the words click here.      

Use Anchors Consistently
Once you decide on just the right keywords or phrases to set up as anchors, get used to using the same ones over and over.  Remember, the objective of using specific expressions is to have your own pages receive a higher ranking (near the top of the page) whenever a particular phrase is searched for.  Notice the anchor text in the following paragraph.  All the links connect to both Amazon and Smashwords distributors where my current ebooks can be found. 

PLEASE feel free to click on any of the anchor links and check out one or more of my titles.  When you do, you will help my ebooks be searchable for the terms that you click on.

Using Anchors Correctly
Now that I’ve told you how Shut Up and Write! is one of the best writing resources that new writers can find online, be sure to click the link that takes you to Smashwords.  If anyone would prefer to make an Amazon purchase of this new writers resource, please feel free to do so.

Another one of my books that you may want to enjoy is a mysterious island adventure called Experimenting with Murder.  This book is currently available exclusively at Amazon because it is enrolled in their KDP Select program.  It is the story of four teenagers who race through the jungle, trying to find answers about the tragic events that occurred on the island before they flee to save their own lives.

You may have noticed, there are a number of subjects that I like to write about and I do a lot of non-fiction writing.  There are two ebooks that I created that I had the most fun writing, but they were also the two that held the most personal significance for me.  The first one is:  Toxic Friends and Other Friendships.  This simple little Smashwords ebook is smart and witty.  It is also a very candid relationship guide that can cause you to do some serious thinking about your own friends.  Get the Amazon Kindle version of this book and determine if you have a toxic or true friend or see what kind of friend you are yourself!

The other book that was fun to write, although it is still serious in a lot of ways, is:  How to Live Life in a Positive Bubble.  This actually originated as a collection of daily posts.  I wrote them during a time that I was determined to maintain a positive mental attitude and not let anything get me down.  I soon learned that thinking positive is not always easy to do, so you have to continually remind yourself.  After publishing the book on Smashwords, I made a point to  upload this valuable how to guide with my other Amazon titles.

One of the last books that I want to mention and provide the links for is an ebook that I listed as being authored by my new Smashwords publisher account.  My Just Charm Publishing account on Smashwords will feature various titles that are not fiction, but are also not writing related like most of my other publications.  Quick and Easy Ways to Protect Your Fruits and Veggies is a quick and easy read, but it is full of practical information when it comes to proper produce care.  The book was first published in 2013, but was revised in 2016.  Like my other publications, this book can also be purchased at Amazon.  Since the revision, this ebook now includes 10 great tasting smoothie recipes.  So you get help on how to protect your produce longer, plus some tasty recipe ideas that are also healthy for you.  

Start Anchoring Your Text
Hopefully, the above information has given you plenty to think about when it comes to using anchor text on your website, blog, or anywhere your writing is posted.  Choose your anchor text carefully, and make sure that it actually relates to whatever you’re linking it too. Remember, when it comes to using anchor text properly, don’t use tricks or gimmicks.  Make sure that you are linking to pages that the reader expects to land on, and not using anchors as a way to mislead your viewers.

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