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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

eBook Marketing Strategies: Creating Detailed Ads to Promote Your eBook Titles

Creating detailed ad images can be a great way to capture a viewer's attention.


eBook marketing strategies are still the primary focus of my daily activities, even though I discontinued the video series.  Since that's the case, what better way to start off the week than by creating some awesome book promotional ads.  I have a lot of automated tweets set to post, thanks to the IFTTT social media tool, but I haven't figured out how to include images yet.  I'm a firm believer in providing textual details, yet keeping things appealing to the eye.  That is why I created the following ad images for each of the ebooks that I am currently promoting.  

Feel free to check them out, and make sure that you're using attractive, detailed ad images to promote your own ebooks.  If you are, don't forget to provide a little purchase information, along with some type of teaser to help viewers want to go and check out the book.  Here is what I designed to go with my Smashwords and Amazon book links.

The above photo ad will be posted along with an Amazon link for new writers resource, or a Smashwords link to one of the best writing resources online.

Readers looking for a good read can pick up this mysterious island adventure at Amazon. You can also pick it up at Smashwords and follow the journey of the four teenagers in the book.  Join them as they race through the jungle searching for answers to the secrets that the island holds.

Amazon readers who are interested in proper produce care can purchase this quick and easy guide. This guide to healthy fruits and vegetables is also available at Smashwords. Buy it and learn how to protect your produce for you and your family.

Discover if you truly have toxic or genuine friends when you buy this book at Amazon.  If you prefer the Smashwords copy, no problem. Just purchase this candid relationship guide and see what kind of friends you really have.

If you’re looking for a helpful book on developing a positive mental attitude then you should purchase the above title at Smashwords. This book can help with the day-to-day problems of life. It is a valuable how to guide that can also be purchased on Amazon.

Don't Forget to Anchor

Please feel free to follow one or all of the links above and check out the ebook publications mentioned.  If you'll notice, all the above comments contain anchor links, like the type mentioned in a recent ebook marketing strategies blog post that I wrote.  When making your own ad images to promote your ebooks, you will want to include your direct book links if possible.  If not, another great alternative is to use anchor text along with your ad.  If you follow the ebook marketing strategies link provided here, you can learn all about using anchors correctly.  This will help you derive additional benefits from your detailed ads.

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