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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Blog Posting: An Effective eBook Marketing Strategy

Blog posting can be a great way to tell the online community about your new ebook.


Blog posting should not be ruled out if you're looking for an effective way to help market your new ebook.  Only recently, I have learned first-hand how to gain more traffic and views to my newly published ebook:  "Shut Up and Write!".  While I was so busy trying to drive traffic from a series of YouTube videos, I almost didn't realize how my blog stats were suddenly increasing.  I can't give the credit to the videos themselves, because the video views amounted to almost none.  However,I was actually posting the transcripts from the videos in my blog every day, so in a way, the credit really does belong to the video series.

As a result of the added exposure, I've seen some actual pre-orders on my Smashwords book page for "Shut Up and Write".  Although the book won't officially be available to read until April 9, 2016, readers can purchase the book right now on Smashwords and also on Amazon.  

This is only my first time taking advantage of setting up pre-orders, unlike previous times in the past, when I created my other ebooks.  I decided that since the videos take up quite a bit of time to record and provide visual graphics, the time I spend on them could be better served.  For that reason, my former video series will kind of pick up right here.  My blog is as good a place as any, to tell people about my ebooks, both the new and the old ones.  With that in mind, notice what I've done recently with two of my former titles.



My former relationship book:  "Toxic Friends and Other Friendships" now has a new subtitle.  Instead of calling it a Family & Relationship Guide, I'm calling it:  "A Candid Relationship Guide".  I decided that the second subtitle is more fitting, since the book revolves around friendships (both of the toxic and the genuine kind).  This thought provoking book about the true nature of friends is available at Smashwords and Amazon for only .99 cents.  Get this quick and easy read, and discover if you have toxic or genuine friends.


Another one of my former ebooks was re-released recently with a different cover, and some additional content was added.  This simple little self-help guide offers lots of useful advice on the proper care of fruits and vegetables.  The book was one that I created early in my self-publishing career, after I realized the importance of writing article series.  While it is not one that I market very much, I notice that I still manage to get sales for the book because it deals with such a practical topic.  Since I've upgraded my account status to "Publisher" at Smashwords, I decided to attribute some of my non-writing related non-fiction titles to simply "Just Charm Publishing".  

This year's revision of Quick and Easy Ways to Protect Your Fruits and Veggies includes a little something extra.  At the back of the book, I've added 10 Fruit and Vegetable Smoothie Recipes.  Hopefully, this will give the book even more appeal, and cause readers to want to buy it.  Make sure you're doing the right thing to protect your fruits and veggies.

Please take some time to visit any of my author pages and find a good ebook to purchase.  Thanks in advance for your support.

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