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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Self-Branding and Taking Good Advice

Self-Branding efforts wouldn't be complete unless you bother to get your own website.

www.Charmbaker.com launching soon!

Owning a website has always seemed like an inconvenience to me in the past, although I knew it was important to your online presence.  Website activities seem to have a way of taking over your life, in a similar way that blogging can do if you're not careful.  To some online workers, this is actually a good thing, but to working writers and aspiring authors, this could pose a problem.  But whether having your own website is an inconvenience or a godsend, the fact still remains that you need to have one.  In the long run, and further along in your online career, a website can be an invaluable resource to you.

Self-Branding Advice

I wrote a recent post called:  Self-Branding: When Will YOU Finally Start? In it, I discuss the reasons why it is necessary to finally take the step to brand yourself (or your online presence).  I purposely omitted any details concerning the need for a website.  In truth, in many ways, you really don't actually need a website, depending on what your web activities and objectives happen to be.  But the advantages of having a website far out weighs any perceived disadvantages.

The Just Charm website is scheduled to launch this Saturday (2/13/16) and you can visit it by going to:  http://charmbaker.com anytime after 12 midnight.  More upcoming posts will discuss the advantages of haing a website, particularly when it comes to your online writing and related activities.     

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