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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Online Writers: Write what You Enjoy Witing and it Will NEVER Seem Like Work!

 Are you happy with the kind of writing that you find yourself doing?

New online writers can learn a lot of valuable information from veterans like me, and hopefully save yourselves some heartache.  For instance, there is one very very important thing to learn, right out the gate, and that is:  Write what you enjoy writing and your writing will never seem like work to you.  This simple statement should not be taken for granted; not now, and not ever!

Don't Get Sidetracked


I started writing online as a way to wet my feet and create a good writing routine.  I was intrigued by the idea of writing online for pay, but that was not my initial focus.   My primary goal was related to the book image that you see above.  I've wanted to write and publish a book about mermaids for many years.  I finally did it in 2014, many years after getting into online writing.  I guess you could say that I got sidetracked.

Why Do You Write

When you ask yourself the question, "Why do I write?", there is a problem if the first answer that comes to your mind is not "Because I enjoy it".  There is nothing wrong with writing or performing other online activities in order to get paid.  Personally, I think anyone who doesn't want to earn money working online and would rather go to a job is nuts!  But I have news for you if you are writing or doing some other online activity just for the money, but you don't enjoy it.  This is almost as bad as going to a physical job everyday, but you don't enjoy being there.  Staying at home being miserable is only slightly better than being at work miserable.   It can be a very exciting thing, to have people want you to write for them, do marketing, or perform other online activities for pay.  But be prepared to decide how your goals fit into the equation.

Forgetting Your Goals

It is easy to forget your own goals, during the course of trying to develop and establish yourself as a freelance writer or web entrepreneur.  In the beginning, you can get caught up in your determination to earn a buck  Even if your financial situation is stable and money is not an issue, the drive to generate an income online is strong.  You'll feel like you're being tested, and no matter what, you have got to find a way to pass!  It is this insane drive that can cause you to forget your original goals.  For example, you may want to write a novel, or publish a children's book.  But the first opportunity to write something for pay will probably have nothing to do with that goal.  

This is not to say that there is anything wrong with accepting a paying gig that you didn't necessarily have in mind.  In fact, the chance to write and get paid, is just the kind of validation you're looking for; so what if you're only writing product descriptions for eba sellers.  The problem comes in when you begin to neglect writing activities that can propel you closer to your primary goal.  It is easy to get stuck in one unwanted writing assignment to the next, and even become very good at what you don't like doing.  Deciding when enough is enough is just one more of the many online challenges you will face.

Close to Your Goal

Before allowing yourself to fall into the same pitfalls that others have experienced, take a lesson now about writing what you enjoy.  Start off by always searching for writing opportunities that tie into your primary goal and online objective.  If you have to write product descriptions, but you plan to publish a children''s book, why not try to write product descriptions for toys, and things that pertain to children?  In other words, start your new writing or online career off by staying as close to your goal as possible, so you won't ever forget what it originally was.

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