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Sunday, February 7, 2016

New Writers Can Benefit From a Positive Attitude In Spite Of Online Challenges

Positive thinking guidebook helps to overcome common challenges of online writing

Being a new ONLINE writer or entrepreneur means you had better be prepared to grow some very thick skin!  In fact it might be wise if you were to put on a figurative suit of armor.  There are times that you will feel defeated in every single way, due to the many emotional highs and lows that can affect your productivity.  You will need to rely on everything you possibly can to help keep you focused on your online objectives and goals.  There are lots and lots of tangible resources available online to help you stay the course.  But the most important resource that will help you overcome online challenges is to have a positive attitude whenever you can.  Consider the following information for new writers and online-preneurs.  Discover how you can benefit from a positive attitude in spite of the many online challenges. 

Genuine Smiles

No one is happy all the time, so I’m not saying you should walk around with a fake smile or a phony grin. Having a positive attitude about things doesn’t mean you have to be unrealistic and pretend that problems don’t exist. Having a positive attitude means accepting things as they are, until you can realistically find a way to make changes for the better. It is this type of acceptance that can cause you to wear a genuine smile in spite of problems and adversity. This attitude of acceptance stems from being positive that nothing stays the same including the current problem you may be facing.

The Write Attitude

On this blog I talk a lot about attitude. That is because there is such a strong correlation between your writing attitude and writing success. Cultivating the right attitude is what helped me to forge ahead and complete multiple even publications. Now I am trying to adjust my attitude even more, so as to become a more successful author. The key to attitude adjustment, with respect to your writing and online activities, means that your attitude is constantly changing to fit the circumstances. This makes sense you think about it because obviously, you could not expect to handle every situation the same. So even though the focus is on positivity, don’t be surprised if your attitude needs adjusting frequently.

Online Success

The need for frequent attitude adjustments is normal because positivity doesn’t always come natural to some of us.  Failing to do proper attitude assessments can be counterproductive to your online success.  I can personally relate to this point whenever I think back on the different hurdles that I encountered it while I was trying to finish writing each of my books. I had to do an attitude adjustment many times, but not necessarily about the writing itself or anything related to the book I was working on. My issues often dealt with outside influences that affected my writing progress. So my attitude adjustments were specific to the people and circumstances that affected my ability to write.

Personal issues, family relationships, work and co-workers, and a host of other situations all have a negative or positive impact on our writing and online success. That is why my book:  How To Live Life In A Positive Bubble, sheds light on smart ways to handle day to day feelings that are common to us all.   The book is currently available only at Smashwords.com for the low price of 99 cents.  To learn more about how to start creating a positive mental environment so your writing can thrive:

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