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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

NANO Month: How Sure Are YOU of Your Writing Success?

National Novel Writing Month 2016 Book Entry for Author Charm Baker

"Skipping Childhood:  From Abused Foster Child to Adolescent Serial Killer"

I started the NANO Writing challenge today but had a setback on navigation and other issues.  The crazy thing is, I have my outline from beginning to end and I've been jotting down dialogue and other related notes.  I'm ready to write and I got a good writing start, but I wanted to really fall in love with the site!  I've been longing for the camaraderie that comes with that kind of experience with like-minded people.  But I can't get so stuck on hoping to network and socialize that I forget all about the big picture; namely writing.  So, I may or may not post anything else about it here and I might even stop logging in, but one thing I won't do.  I won't fail this 50,000 word writing challenge.  My novel WILL be completed and my book WILL be available as scheduled.

Believe in Your Success

So how sure am I about my writing success this year? Do I dare say 100% sure?  The reason why is not because I'm vain - it's because I'm confident that I've read, studied and found some of the straight to the point "Must Do" techniques and activities.  I now realize that as writers, we have the choice of either focusing on writing a book, or focusing on writing a BESTSELLER.  From now on, my focus is the latter, and that means giving my novel a thorough examination (that involves a checklist) before, during and after the publishing process.  It is crucial to constantly stay alert to meeting all those specified requirements that result in a best-selling novel.  I'm ready for my success.

Today I was waiting at the CW & Chris fried chicken and fish restaurant for mine and my sister's lunch.  While I waited for them to cook my food, I sat at a table with a pen and paper, in case I got some ideas about my NANO novel.  Instead, I got to thinking about what writing means to me and is to me.  After I had summed it up quite nicely, I was so proud of what I wrote and how I captured exactly what I meant to say, that I told myself:  "This will be my own famous author quote."  Here it is:

"Writing is the ability to capture a picture of your own thoughts.  To write is to dare to see your own thoughts and sometimes let others see them too.  Never be afraid to take a picture.  WRITE!"  

Charm Baker

Pretty cool huh?  One day when I'm at least a 3-time best-selling author and people are saying things about me, this will be the famous quote that they recognize me for.  The more I thought about the idea, the more I kinda liked it.  THAT'S how sure I am of my book's upcoming success!  What about you???

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