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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

eBook Marketing: Promoting One eBook Effectively Can Benefit Your Other eBook Titles

eBook marketing and publishing issues are all connected, just like the related activities.


The number of marketing activities for Day 5 of the this series turned out to be far less than I originally planned, but the day still turned out to be productive.

This was the day that I came to realize how very important this video series is to me, and not in just one specific way.  So far, since starting this series, I've begun to take a  nice hard look at all of my current self-published titles.  After being far removed from the writing of those books for several years, it is much easier to be more objective about things.  While I don't believe there are flaws in the actual writing, I'm wondering if maybe my novel may need to be reassembled.  I've had an idea in mind for a while, and this video series has got me thinking seriously about following through on it.

I'll definitely keep the blog up-to-date with this particular idea, as well as any other thoughts related to the previously published ebooks.  I'm hoping to make some modifications that will prove to be effective, and I don't think it will take that long.  Until then, here is a brief rundown on my Day 5 ebook marketing activities. 

eBook Marketing Strategies 
video series. TRANSCRIPT Summary

Greetings YouTube followers and viewers.  This is Day 5 of the eBook Marketing Strategies video series.

Even though this is Day 5, I’m actually posting the video a day late.  I got behind yesterday because I was busy creating another video about problems with self-publishing your ebooks

The video took all day to script and record – the wifi was in and out, and I checked the stats on my blog, videos and website but there were no significant changes.  At first I felt disgusted because I had planned a full day of marketing activities and all I did was create an off topic video that I didn’t even get a chance to post.  Then later that night, as I gave it a lot of thought, I realized that the video about ebook publishing problems is just as important as the ebook marketing series.  Not only are they inter-related, but if it weren’t for the video marketing series, I would not have realized what the flaws were with my ebooks.

I told myself to stop worrying about posting my video on schedule for my “imagined” video viewers.  This series is for me to have a check and balance system in place and so I can improve my ebook marketing skills – for all my books!

Now, my main objective is to actually perform some type of marketing activities every day, and not worry so much about giving a blow by blow in the video.  The important thing is that I keep up with what I’m doing and why.  Sharing the details is just an insignificant part of the process.

I have tons of marketing activities scheduled for the week, including popping over to the Scrawl website and taking the required action so I can submit a book excerpt.

At the end of the day, the most important thing that I can do in this video series is to report not just my activities, but how I feel about what I’m doing.  This kind of constructive venting will help me to stay committed to posting on a regular basis. 

As always – you can find a summary, if not the full transcript of today’s video on my blog.  Feel free to visit the website and join my email if you want to get in on any of the ebook specials I’m currently running.

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