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Sunday, March 6, 2016

New Writers' Resource Book Scheduled for Release

New writers need real help when it comes to the challenges of writing online for pay! 


My blog posting activities have dwindled over the past week and a half, but not without good reasons.  I've been busy working on my latest publication:  Shut Up and Write!  (Step-by-Step Guide How to Get Paid to Write Within a Week).  The book is just about finished, and it is due to be released on April 9, 2016.  

This is really one publication that I truly feel good about sharing with readers.  The book is a step-by-step guide on how to go about starting your online writing career.  I believe that it will be such an important resource tool, that I decided to hold off on releasing it the moment it is finished.  Instead, I'm allowing a whole month to promote the book and make it available for preordering.  The following book description will provide everything you need to know about this amazing resource that I am proud to have created.  Please take a moment and read what all will be available in the book when it is released.


Shut Up and Write is a step-by-step guide book that will show you how to get paid to write online and receive your first payment within a week!  This writing resource is a book that is guaranteed to jump-start your freelance writing career from the moment you pick it up.  If you are a new writer with limited experience, but looking for ways to earn a writing income, Shut Up and Write can help.   It shows you exactly where to get paid online from ghost writing and article writing assignments.  It also teaches you how to earn ad revenue from writing blog posts and other web content, plus generate cash from affiliate marketing, and even self-publishing.  This guidebook breaks everything down into easy to follow steps that are specifically designed for new online writers who are serious about getting paid.

The first section of the book does an excellent job of making the reader understand the need for the “write attitude” and how to cultivate it.  This information is vital to helping a writer stay focused, and overcome the day-to-day challenges of online writing.  That is why the first thing you learn is how to fortify yourself and resist the urge to give up.  This will help you succeed in reaching all your writing goals.  

The second section:  Shows the reader how to jump right in and get started with firmly establishing their online presence as a writer.  It provides a step-by-step process of the particular websites to sign up with and practical ways to benefit from them.  It also coaches you on good record keeping and how to keep up with your accounts and your detailed account information. 

Section three provides:  Lots of useful writing tips and advice that is particular to online writing.  It outlines a number of effective ways to quickly improve and sharpen your online writing skills.  The book points out some strategic methods that make your writing more appealing to online readers. 

Section four gives:  Detailed instructions about specific websites, so you can start earning writing related cash as soon as possible.  The book teaches easy ways to earn ad revenue and affiliate commissions with your writing.  New writers can uncover multiple ways to earn passive income, all while promoting their own writing and other online activities.

Section five has:  Additional resources that every online writer should be taking advantage of.  It cites several places to check out, for those who want to hire themselves out as writers or as other online providers.  This section also contains some excellent article marketing and book marketing resources, for new writers and newly published authors.  The entire book is full of insider tips about specific writing websites.  All the facts come from first-hand knowledge about working with these websites; that is why it can help new writers start earning cash right away.  It can also help existing writers find ways to increase their earnings even more. 

Shut Up and Write is designed to help in a practical way, and not just in theory (like many books already on the market).  The information and resources are provided in a way that is easy to understand so you can get started immediately.  Get "Shut Up and Write", and you can start getting paid for your writing. 

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