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Thursday, February 18, 2016

How to Be a Published Author with eBooks for Sale on Smashwords.

When you're ready to publish your first ebook, why not let it be with a Smashword's publisher?

You can be a published author sooner than you think, once you make the decision and commitment to produce a finished project.  You don't have to write War & Peace, or anything anywhere near that long, or that deep!  Write what you feel, write what you know; nowadays, you can even write what you don't know.  The key to becoming a published author is to write something!  Once you write it, take the necessary steps to get it out there to the world. 

This post should be of special concern to young and budding writers who want to become authors.  There is literally nothing standing in your way but you.  Short story collections, or books of poems are some of the most sought after things to read online.  So if you want to write a book and publish it for the world to read, you have to make a stand and do something concrete to make it happen.

Here is my suggestion to those new writers (young or old) who want a little help.  Check out my new Just Charm Publishing service and see if you would like the help I can provide.  You can get the details by visiting this link:  http://charmbaker.com and you can also check out the related video:

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