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Sunday, February 7, 2016

New Writers and Entrepreneurs: Learn to Recognize and Validate Your Own Growth

Enjoy the first in a series of book excerpts narrated by author Charm Baker

Individual growth is not something that you have to rely on someone else to determine.  We are capable of recognizing our own growth and realizing where and how we’ve grown.  The problem is, all too often, we don’t give ourselves enough credit.  Some of us even go to the extremes in either direction, and give ourselves too much credit or no credit at all!  Clearly, any of these degrees can have a negative impact on our self-image, and overall psyche in general.  This creates an impossible mental state for most people, but especially for writers and online entrepreneurs.  In fact, not recognizing personal growth can be devastating for anyone who is creative-minded, or known for thinking outside the norm. 

What this means is that if you ever hope to achieve your writing or other online objectives, you need help and support from those who can relate to your struggles.  Perhaps you are like me, and have no writing support from anyone in your immediate circle of family, friends, neighbors or acquaintances.  This can make the reality of ever achieving your goals seem far-fetched and even ridiculous.  Have you ever experienced this feeling?  Well you’re not alone.  Even the best of writers and successful entrepreneurs sometimes doubt themselves. 

So the key is to constantly stay alert to the areas where you have grown, and succeeded to some degree.  If you learn to take advantage of the small victories along the way, they can give you the motivation you need to help you make it to your ultimate destination.  For more on this topic, take a moment to check out the first narrated excerpt from my little ebook:  How to Live Life in a Positive Bubble – written over the course of a year of positive thinking.

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